New release 1.2.0

O3 version 1.2.0 is out :heart_eyes:

We drank a lot of coffee and other stimulating drinks. We put our heads under the hood. So we did not do much in terms of bullet points. But we did do a lot in terms of good news.


  • MySQL 8 support :partying_face:
  • Support for PHP 8.2 - still some limits, nothing serious
  • Basic config settings like path, url, database, etc. are now stored in .env files rather than in
  • TinyMCE Editor can be activated optionally as a module

Find out how to get it in

See details of the changes as well as an outlook to the next releases at


For the sake of completeness: We have now also included the part for the Tinymce editor in the documentation β†’ TinyMCE documentation.