New release 1.3.0

Ho, ho, ho! :santa:t3:

We just finished O3 Shop version 1.3.0 Right before Christmas Eve!

This time, we mostly took care about some implementations, which have been asked repeatedly.

The highlights:

  • Setup now accepts MariaDB from 10.0 to 10.11 (50)
  • We built template blocks around the backend logo. So you can exchange it more easily (52)
  • Last but not least we did some housekeeping for the admin area:
    • We added a user permission management (14),
    • separated backend and frontend users (51),
    • removed admin history and favorite menu items (47) ,
    • added some nice menu icons (49)
    • and made the admin interface customizable (46)

But there is one more thing

  • We named the current version “LTS” (Long Time Support). That not only is a name. That is what we commit us to. Curious what that means? Save the date: January-19, 2024 will be a Webinar with details.
    If you want to get more information: We’ll send them as soon as available. Write to to reserve a seat.

And here‘s the registration form for the webinar:

It‘s in German.

If you’re an english speaking person: No worries. We‘ll do the webinar in a language every attendee understands. So register to let us know what language we shall use :slight_smile: