New release 1.3.0

Ho, ho, ho! :santa:t3:

We just finished O3 Shop version 1.3.0 Right before Christmas Eve!

This time, we mostly took care about some implementations, which have been asked repeatedly.

The highlights:

  • Setup now accepts MariaDB from 10.0 to 10.11 (50)
  • We built template blocks around the backend logo. So you can exchange it more easily (52)
  • Last but not least we did some housekeeping for the admin area:
    • We added a user permission management (14),
    • separated backend and frontend users (51),
    • removed admin history and favorite menu items (47) ,
    • added some nice menu icons (49)
    • and made the admin interface customizable (46)

But there is one more thing

  • We named the current version “LTS” (Long Time Support). That not only is a name. That is what we commit us to. Curious what that means? Save the date: January-19, 2024 will be a Webinar with details.
    If you want to get more information: We’ll send them as soon as available. Write to to reserve a seat.

And here‘s the registration form for the webinar:

It‘s in German.

If you’re an english speaking person: No worries. We‘ll do the webinar in a language every attendee understands. So register to let us know what language we shall use :slight_smile:


Is there anywhere else any information about this “LTS”-version available?
Doesn’t matter if German or English only.



Wir sind gerade dabei die Webseite neu zu gestalten, auch mit den Informationen zu LTS.

Grundsätzlich bedeutet LTS für uns das wir die aktuelle Version bis 2029 mit Updates versehen, ohne grundlegende breaking changes (sofern möglich), kann man aber bei einzelnen Libraries nie wissen…


  • LTS bis 2029
  • Security Patches
  • Performance Optimierungen
  • Erforderliche Anpassungen an neue PHP & MySQL Versionen
  • Erforderliche Anpassungen um Libraries aktuell und sicher zu halten
  • Erforderliche Anpassungen bei rechtlichen/regulatorischen Änderungen
  • Refactoring

Für die LTS sind aber aktuell neue Entwicklungen in der Arbeit.
Neues Theme auf aktueller Bootstrap Version
Rest API

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